Offer Type
Last Name
First Name
Vehicle Hammond Pearce None I have a Jeep (stick shift) I am happy to loan to a grad that lost their car in the flooding.
Labor Hammond Pearce None If anyone needs help mucking their flooded house, I am happy to assist on Monday (Labor Day). However, the house cannot be far away ( I live in West U) given the difficulty in moving around the city right now.
Food Galvez Alexander 7135165130 My church is a designated disaster relief center for Houston Food Bank and United Way. We receive donations dozens of pallets a day of food, clothing, baby supplies, etc. We are located in the NW side of Houston outside of the beltway, but also have locations in NW Houston inside the beltway and on the Southside
Other DeToto Anthony 713-248-6841 Vehicle Food
Labor Bakshi Vik 7033808515 Happy to help!
Labor Wilkes Nathan 706-566-8799 Live in Kingwood and have a couple neighbors that can help clear houses, take down drywall, and anything else.
Food Wilkes Stephanie 706-566-8799 We are providing lunches to all victims and volunteers in Kingwood. We can bring food and water anywhere else if necessary.
Other Tripp Craig/Kim 9795879271 able to foster a child-friendly dog/pet in College Station; also have 2 spare rooms for temp lodging
Other De Vilbiss Melvin 8329343053 Food, temporary shelter (two bedrooms w/bath each for two - a family could squeeze more) and a vehicle to borrow are available. Pets are welcomed. Magnolia, Montgomery County
Labor Saccone Jim 713-248-0751 My two sons (14 and 15) can also help. We live in the Katy/Fulshear area for assistance needed on the west part of town.
Labor Golemo Benjamin 2177794507 I've been ripping out drywall for a few days. Willing to help Immediate recovery efforts for homes and lend tools. Live in shadow creek (west pealand). We can take in a family too(free up 2-3 bedrooms)
Other Rogers William 713 859 1465 I have a one bedroom, one bath with kitchen apartment over the garage which I can provide as needed. The address is 2154 Inwood, near the intersection of Shepherd/West Grey
Labor Hogan Matthew 5629720914 Have car (4 door sedan) and can travel to sites or transport what is needed. Also waders to get back in to flooded areas.